Hi guys!

      I would love to share with you my latest artproject called Triton (miniature installation). This piece is for me very special to me-is inspired by real architecture from  Inca and Palma in Mallorca. The miniature model was made for street art event in Inca and was  exposed in public place for a few hours.

Down bellow is a small sník pííík from the process which I always like to share with you guys! I hope you will like and enjoy it.

Lets get started 🙂



Painted sketch A5 size + added my own graffiti in Photoshop


Planning dimensions of the installation
And there we go! The time when I feel a little bit challanged.
It is crazy to see just those blanket walls.
Walls of the housies are made from cardboard, on the top walls is
layer of ceramic clay drying on air.
 Adding minibricks from ceramic clay, yes they are handmade too. ( If you would like
to see how do I make this minibricks leave me a comment on the end of article please 🙂 )
 Time to color walls and add some custom graffiti 🙂 I love this part of creating! The walls are quite small compare with hands and always I pay attention
to each detail and part  of wall.
 I found some interesting minithings outside on the streets in Mallorca.
I have been saving them over 3 years in a small box! Now is right time to use them.
“Seksi hends in akšn” ! Painting deep parts of the structures-this effect gives more authenticity
to the model housies.
Building in 3D form
My cuties are ready for installation! They are standing on handmade wooden stand with
texture of street bricks.
For a first time I used solar light there! Two of the houses have minisolar panels
placed on the roofs-energy is charging during the day and in the night they are “alive” 🙂
(I will share night photo next time with you guys)
Uiiii installed in a public place!  This artproject is a part of 1st street art event
in Inca Mallorca/Poligon of Inca (29.4.2017)
Miniature artist helping with wall graffities 😛
The installation was removed in night (by local asociation of the street art event)
from security reasons and reinstalled in a office

Local fans 🙂 Thanks a lot guys!

 Talking about the project with local people in my broken Spanish.
And we are on the end, thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed this article and see ya soon.
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Yours minibuilder  Katarina