The artproject “LODZ” is inspired by Polish architecture in city Lodz (Jewish Ghetto ) from 1940.

Visual language is focused on decay,  rawness and deformation. All those key words are symbols of cruelty commited in Polish Ghetto.

Sculpture has so many tiny details-overlefts of balconies (just metal reinforcement), broken glass windows, miniature graffities in Hebrew, miniature shops on ground floor of building,  fallen plaster with bricks…Footprind of is built in shapeof U (small court from back).

Whole sculpture is standing on strictly rectangular shape of dark-blood red colour (symbol of fallen victims) pedestal. Strict rectangular shape of pedestal is in contrast with deformated building shape.  Colours of object are kept in bleak pallete. Inside of panel house is yellow light which symbolize light of candles for all victims of this heartbreaking act.

The main topic of this work is phenomenon of being especially an analysis of basic ontological notions. My artwork is focused on the function of architecture and the main concept “genius loci“, which an integral part of thesiss theory.


Paper board, carton, ceramic clay, jewelry components, textile, plaster, acrylic colours, electronic components, metal, wire, light diods, electric components…

20 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm