By the piece “Šarlot” I started new art project called “ARCHTALK”, where I talk with observer throught portraits of famous dancers, singers (on architectural objects). Dance and singing is a big part of streetart culture. Adding this “alive” elements my houses looks more realistic and have bigger spirit of the streetlife.

Who was painted on this piece? As first  your attention call the woman portrait which inspired by beautiful czech popstar (Šarlota Frantinová). Under  the face is painted her name “Šarlota”. There is also doodle of unicorn and sentence “I dont believe in humans” which give the painting really special character. Surface of the paiting is structural and covered by  miniature graffiti and tiny birds houses, cables, streetsigns.

Sooo cute addition are drying mini clothes on rope (middle window).

Painting “Šarlot” is an original piece of art on the side with atypical handmade frame to measure. Frame is made from wood and is painted by pastel pink colour  with rustical look. Final varnished by acrylic matte varnish.

So, who is next? 🙂




Cardboard, wood, ceramic clay, metal components, acrylic colours, matt varnish, textile fabric

56, 5 cm x cm x 28, 5 cm x 1, 5 cm