Second artpiece (miniature model with light inside) of a new art project called “ARCHTALK”, where I talk with observer throught portraits of famous dancers, singers (painted on architectural objects). Dance and singing is a big part of streetart culture. Adding this “alive” elements my houses looks more realistic and have bigger spirit of the streetlife.

Who was painted on this piece? As first  your attention call the portrait of American rapper Snoop Dogg. Surface of the miniature is structural like plaster of real house and covered by miniature graffiti, have tiny bricks, cables, electric box…. This sculpture is really special piece of artwork and your eye will always discover new detail! Very magic is light system which I put inside of the sculpture. I used small diod lights which has battery box (hidden in stand).

So, who is next? 🙂




Cardboard, diod lights, paper, ceramic clay, metal components, acrylic colours, varnish, textile fabric

41 cm x 13, 5 cm x 11 cm