Miniature handmade architectural models made with big sense for details. Your eye will always discover new ones 🙂

Surface of the walls is structural, painted by acrylic colours, varnished by glossy varnish. This sculpture is inspired by 3 diffrent types of architecture in Mallorcas streets-classic tower, church and panel housie. There also cant miss details as miniature bricks, street signs, antenas, miniature street art creations, cables and also miniature path around the housies! This piece is only original, and I paid to it as much attention as I could.

Another amazing thing about this project is that on the top of roofs are place miniature solar panels. During the days is light system charging ad then in the night houses are lighted up 🙂

This artproject was exposed in street art festival of city Inca on island Mallorca.






Cardboard, solar light system, silicon glue, wood, paper, ceramic clay, metal components, acrylic colours, varnish, textile fabric, final varnished by acrylic glossy varnish

35 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm